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Government Development Projects

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Government Development Projects (Applications)

Since June 2012, applications in respect of government projects that have been submitted to the Development and Planning Commission for guidance and advice have been available for viewing. The table below provides information and links for applications submitted during the current year.

- BA13466 - Northern Defences  
Demolition of boundary wall adjecent to Road to the Line 

Application Form  |  Drawing 1  

- BA13458 - Victoria Stadium 
Installation of floodlights at hockey pitch

Application Form  |  Drawing 1  |  Drawing 2

- BA13454 - John Mackintosh Hall, Main Street
Proposed extension to cafeteria

Application Form  |  Drawings

- BA13442 - Ex-St. Christopher's School, Europa Point
Partial demolition, alterations and extensions to existing building to accomodate new University 
Application Form  |  Cover Letter  |  Drawing Register  |  Drawings Set 1  |  Drawings Set 2 

- BA13437 - Alameda Gardens
Proposed new building (Greenhouse) at Gibraltar Botanic Gardens

Application Form  |  Drawings

- BA13411 - Garrison Gymnasium, Europa Road
Proposed demolition of single storey block extension

Application Form  |  Drawings

- BA13410 - Wellington Front, Line Wall Road
Refurbishment of Wellington Front area including lower buildings, lower basin & roof levels

Application Form  |  Drawings

- BA13409 - Garrison Gymnasium, Europa Road
Proposed replacement of existing structure with prefabricated modular units

Application Form  |  Drawings

- BA13408 - Great Siege Tunnel, Upper Rock
Proposed erection of a new access stairs

Application Form  |  Drawings

- BA13391 - Knight's Court
Proposed refuse cubicle

Application Form  |  Drawings |  3D Image

- BA13389 - Kings Yard Lane
Proposed refuse cubicle

Application Form  |  Drawings |  3D Image

- BA13388 - Sandpits Road
Proposed refuse cubicle

Application Form  |  Drawings |  3D Image

- BA13384 - Old St. Bernard's Hospital, Hospital Ramp
Refurbishments, extensions, to house new school premises for St. Bernard's First School & Sacred Heart Middle School

Application Form  |  Drawings Set 1  |  Drawings Set 2 

Plans, maps, drawings and anything else forming part of an application submitted by, or on behalf of a Government Department for consideration by the Development and Planning Commission are protected by copyright.
Copies of anything forming part of such an application can be made to facilitate inspection and  for no other purpose. Copies or use of the information for any other purpose than inspection may not be made without the permission of the owner of the copyright of the information.