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Gibraltar Finance

Gibraltar Finance promotes Gibraltar as the EU domicile of choice for financial services including funds, traditional and alternative investment management, insurance companies (open-market, captives and reinsurance) and private clients (pensions, company management, trusts, banking, and high-net-worth residence).

This is achieved by proactively marketing the strengths and benefits of our proposition through the media, personal representation and corporate attendance at selected industry events. Gibraltar offers a well-regulated, transparent and internationally-cooperative jurisdiction with access to financial markets including the right to access the EU single market in financial services.

Together with our partner firms across the various disciplines in Gibraltars financial services centre, we have as our foundation three main virtues: regulation, reputation and speed to market. Our proposition is offered in a modern environment offering low personal and corporate tax, high-quality infrastructure and a lifestyle that creates a compelling combination.

For further information, please visit: Gibraltar Finance Website Logo

For further information, please visit: Gibraltar Finance Website