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Driver and Vehicle Licensing Downloads

List of Application Forms

Application to amend and Ad-Hoc Commercial Permit

Application to amend and Ad-Hoc Pedestrianised Area Permit

Ad-Hoc Application to enter Town Centre pedestrianised area

Ad-Hoc Application for Commercial vehicles

Ad-Hoc Application for Electric vehicles

Application to amend a Commercial Permit

Application to enter Town Centre pedestrianised area for commercial vehicles

Application for Operator´s licence, Application for renewal of an operator´s licence and Application for amendment of an operator´s licence

Application for amendment to a Road Service licence

Application for a private hiring vehicle operator´s licence

Application for Frontier Pass

Authorisation for use Roads Vehicles (construction, equipment & maintenance) regulation 2008

Application for the renewal of a licence to drive a Public Service Vehicle

Application for Self-Drive Operators Licence

How to Apply - Vetting Form

CBT application for a learners licence

Application for a Compulsory Basic Training

Driving Test Motor Vehicle

Driving Test Motorcycle

Learners Forms 1

Learners Forms 2

Application For a Driver Theory Test

Application for a motor vehicle licence

Application for a duplicate driving licence

Medical Form

Application of change of possession of motor vehicles

Application for a dealers licence

Application for a licence for self-drive car

Application for the exchange of a driving licence issused by an EEA State

Application for duplicate certificate of registration or road worthiness certificate

Application for advance driving certificate

Application for examination, or re-examination of a motor vehicle or trailer

Application for disposal of a motor vehicle

Signature Form

Application for a change of address

Application for a change of class of Vehicle

Refund Form

Application for international driving permit