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Driver and Vehicle Licensing Downloads

List of Application Forms

Application to amend and Ad-Hoc Commercial Permit

Application to amend and Ad-Hoc Pedestrianised Area Permit

Ad-Hoc Application to enter Town Centre pedestrianised area

Ad-Hoc Application for Commercial vehicles

Ad-Hoc Application for Electric vehicles

Application to amend a Commercial Permit

Application to enter Town Centre pedestrianised area for commercial vehicles

Application for Operator´s licence, Application for renewal of an operator´s licence and Application for amendment of an operator´s licence

Application for amendment to a Road Service licence

Application for a private hiring vehicle operator´s licence

Application for Frontier Pass

Authorisation for use Roads Vehicles (construction, equipment & maintenance) regulation 2008

Application for the renewal of a licence to drive a Public Service Vehicle

Application for Self-Drive Operators Licence

How to Apply - Vetting Form

CBT application for a learners licence

Application for a Compulsory Basic Training

Driving Test Motor Vehicle

Driving Test Motorcycle

Learners Forms 1

Learners Forms 2

Theory Test Forms

Application for a motor vehicle licence

Application for a duplicate driving licence

Medical Form

Application of change of possession of motor vehicles

Application for a dealers licence

Application for a licence for self-drive car

Application for the exchange of a driving licence issused by an EEA State

Application for duplicate certificate of registration or road worthiness certificate

Application for advance driving certificate

Application for international driving permit

Application for examination, or re-examination of a motor vehicle or trailer

Application for disposal of a motor vehicle

Signature Form

Application for a change of address

Application for a change of class of Vehicle

Refund Form