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Health Promotion

The Health Promotion department works with public and private organisations to maintain and improve the mental, physical and social health and the well-being of the people who live and work in Gibraltar. The unit adopts a partnership approach across all sectors with the aim of encouraging positive health behaviour.

The Health Promotion Officers work mainly, although not exclusively, with professionals in the health service, education, community, and the voluntary sector. They provide range of services which include training, project development and the creation and distribution of a variety of health information resources. They also engage with the general public through campaigns and the media.

Core Functions

  • Health education, training and public awareness.
  • Development and use of public health resources.
  • Contribution to the development and implementation of strategies and policies which impact on health.
  • Carrying out health education projects, including short-term campaigns and sustained programmes.
  • Development and maintenance of the Public Health Website.
  • Enabling health improvements within identified communities and/or particular interest groups.
  • Monitoring the trajectory of global health, and implementing evidence-based practice locally.
  • Initiation, management and evaluation of specific health projects.
  • Providing advice and information, resources and practical support to anyone involved in health promotion activity.
For more information on Health Promotion in Gibraltar, visit the Public Health website Logo

For more information on Health Promotion in Gibraltar, visit the Public Health website