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Policies and Procedures

Policies are statements made by the DCA identifying how he will implement the duties and functions conferred on him by the primary and secondary Civil Aviation Legislation:

Policy 01 Aviation Safety Regulation
Policy 02 State Letters
Policy 03 - Withdrawn and republished as Direction 01
Policy 04 Dangerous Goods
Policy 05 AAIB
Policy 06 Operating Authorisation
Policy 07 SAFA inspections
Policy 08 Aerodrome Safeguarding
Policy 09 Technical Safeguarding

Policy 10 Wildlife Management

Policy 11 Small Unmanned Aircraft

Procedures are produced to satisfy requirements made by the DCA detailing how the Policies and Directions will be put into practice:

Procedure 01 Aviation Safety Regulation
Procedure 02 State Letters
Procedure 03 Mandatory Occurrence Reporting Scheme
Procedure 04 Dangerous Goods Appendix A Appendix B
Procedure 05 AAIB Reporting
Procedure 06 Special Event and Unusual Aerial Activity
Procedure 07 Safety Assessments of Foreign Aircraft    

Procedure 08 Aerodrome Safeguarding

Procedure 09 Technical Safeguarding

Procedure 10 Wildlife Management

Procedure 11 Small Unmanned Aircraft