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Use of Lasers in the Vicinity of the Airport

Lasers continue to be an area of concern for the safety of aviation, particularly their malicious use at night to distract pilots making approaches to Gibraltar airport or towards Air Traffic Controllers in the control tower. This has the potential to result in a serious aviation incident and such attacks are taken extremely seriously, with every occurrence reported.

These attacks, which might be considered by the perpetrator to be "harmless fun", are highly dangerous and under the terms of the Civil Aviation (Air Navigation) Regulations 2009 are punishable on conviction by a fine of up to £10,000 and a jail sentence of up to 5 years. All pilot and air traffic reports of lasers being shone at them are forwarded to the Royal Gibraltar Police for investigation and prosecution.

Chris Purkiss, the Director of Civil Aviation, said "While the individual shining the laser at the aircraft may not appreciate the seriousness of their actions, he or she is putting in danger the lives of the crew and passengers on-board the aircraft. It is extremely important that we stop this activity happening as soon as possible in order to avoid a tragedy occurring at the Airport. If anyone has any information the person shining the laser at the aircraft, please could they contact the Royal Gibraltar Police.

An information leaflet regarding Lasers and Aviation can be downloaded here:

Lasers and Aviation