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Passports and Nationality

As our counters are closed we have placed a deposit box at the Northern entrance to Joshua Hassan House, Secretary’s Lane (opposite Leon House), for passport  and other applications.

Please note that if you wish to apply for a passport during this period, you may  either, mail your application to us or drop this at the deposit box.

Passport Application Smartform

Passport Application Form (please open using Firefox Browser)

This form is valid for all types of Gibraltar Variant Passports (First Time Applicant / Renewals/ Change of Particulars). The form is user friendly and has been designed so that the user is guided throughout the different fields in the application form. The form will automatically delete or add the appropriate fields relevant to the applicant’s application depending on which type of passport is required.

The form will not be able to be printed if all mandatory fields have not been completed online. Once completed you will be allowed to print the form and submit to CSRO for payment and processing.

This application form is not compatible with iPhones or iPads.

Please note that this form requires the latest version of Adobe Reader. You can upgrade to the latest version of adobe reader for Windows®, Mac or Linux® by visiting

For more assistance with Adobe Reader visit

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Passport Application Form

This form is valid for all types of Gibraltar Variant Passports (First Time Applicant / Renewals/ Change of Particulars).  Please click on the link belowto download and print your form.

Passport Application Form (MAC Version)


Once your application has been checked we will send you a payment request via email. Please ensure to write your email address clearly in your application form. Alternatively, you may enclose a cheque and attach it to your application form. Please note that cheques are to be made out to GOVERNMENT GENERAL ACCOUNT

List of Passport Fees

  • Adult Passports (16 and over) £42.00
  • Minor Passports £25.00
  • Persons aged 65 and over are exempt from charges

For further information please contact us on 20051727 or email us at

- Emergency Passport Application Form
- Application for Exemption from Immigration Control Form
- Lost or Stolen Passport Notification