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Sport & Leisure

About sport in Gibraltar

The Ministry of Sport is responsible for sports policy matters and providing support to educational establishments and sports governing bodies in Gibraltar. Under the chairmanship of the Minister for Sports, a Gibraltar Sports Advisory Council was set up to advise HM Government on all matters relating to sport.

HM Government of Gibraltar recognises the benefits derived from participation in sports and recreational activities and so considers the availability of suitable facilities for the practice of sport to be of importance. There are several such facilities in Gibraltar, providing opportunities for residents and visitors alike to enjoy sport recreationally and for enthusiasts to improve skills and participate in local and international events, with foreign sports persons taking advantage of local facilities for warm-weather training.

There are, at present, several Gibraltar sports associations that have gained official recognition from international governing bodies, with various others being considered for recognition. Including:

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Gibraltar Football Association


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Gibraltar Rugby Football Union


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Gibraltar Hockey Association


Gibraltar's resident population is highly active in sport and standards are rather high. Local and international participation in officially recognised sports events, is always welcomed. More and better facilities are projected in order to improve the product for both locals and visitors.

To obtain information on sport in Gibraltar, establish contacts, to arrange sports visits to Gibraltar, at any level, or to seek Gibraltarian participation in sports events abroad, please visit:

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Gibraltar Sports & Leisure Authority