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Planning Forms

The forms below are available for download.

For forms 1-3 inclusive, and for applications for Tax Relief, you should use the ePlanning service accessible here. Applications submitted in paper format will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances. If submitting an application in paper format we request that if possible, in addition to the requisite paper copy of all plans and documents, additionally you provide electronic copies of the plans and documents accompanying the application. 

Forms 1 to 6: 

Form 1 Planning Application Form (for Outline and Full Applications)
Form 2 Demolition Application
Form 3 Application for consent to display an Advertisement

Form 4 Application for Works to Trees - This form has been withdrawn. As of 27th Septmember 2021 apllications for works to trees are no longer made to the Development and Planning Commission but rather to Department of the Environment, Sustainability, Climate Change and Heritage.

Please follow the link below to apply for works to Trees 

Form 5 Application for Tax Relief

Form 6 Application for Minor Amendments

Form 7 Application for Tax Relief (Disabled Access)

Other Forms:
Form for Notice of Appeal
Application form for an EIA Certificate (for use by public bodies only)
Submission of Environmental Statement after submission of planning application

Government Developments: 

Site Notice Certificate (S57) – Government development

Site Notice(S57) – Government development