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HM Prison Windmill Hill

The prison was built between 2007 and 2010 and became operational on the 28th August 2010. It is the only civil penal establishment in Gibraltar.

Statement of Purpose

The Prison Service serves the public by safely keeping in custody those committed to prison by our Courts of Law. Our duty is to look after them with humanity, encourage their self-respect and to assist them in leading law abiding and useful lives in custody trusting that they will continue to do so after release. Our service is fully committed to their care, rehabilitation and to assist them with their successful re-integration into society.


HM Prison Windmill Hill,
1 Alectoris Lane Windmill Hill Road,
Tel: 00 350 200 78550/70363

Prison Superintendent: Nigel Gaetto

Maximum Capacity: 96


The establishment has two main wings plus four smaller dedicated units. "A" wing is a ten bed unit which houses vulnerable prisoners. "B" wing is a twelve bed dual use unit. It is used primarily to hold juvenile prisoners. When no juvenile prisoners are in custody this unit is used as an intermediary location for those prisoners awaiting admission into the enhanced privileges unit. "C" wing is a twelve bed unit housing prisoners on compact and enhanced privileges. "D" plus "E" wings manage both remand and sentenced prisoners. "F" wing is a six bed unit housing female prisoners. All the accommodation has electricity and integral sanitation.


The prison is equipped with Gymnasium, exercise yards, laundry, canteen, multi-faith room, counselling rooms, workshops, classroom, sickbay and kitchen. Services regularly rendered by various professionals aid in the care and rehabilitation of offenders. These include counsellors, psychologist, probation officers, vocational instructors, educational instructors, GP, psychiatrist, dentist, Ministers of religion and prison visitors.

Social visits:

Up to two adults per visit. There is no official limit on children save that they must be under the supervision of their parents / guardians at all times. I/D is required for all visits. You may be searched on entry and on exiting the prison.

Visiting times:

Remands: Maximum of one hour and fifteen minutes per week.

Visiting times are Mondays 14:15-14:30hrs, Tuesdays to Thursdays 15:30-15:45hrs and Fridays 14:30-15:30hrs.

Convicted: Maximum of one hour per week.

Visiting times are Tuesdays 14:15-15:15hrs, 17:45-18:45hrs (on application), Wednesdays and Thursdays 14:15-15:15hrs.

Legal visits::

By appointment Monday to Friday 09:10-11:25hrs, 14:10-16:25hrs.