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The Government of Gibraltar is committed to placing the environment at the heart of its work. All government decisions are considered for their environmental impact to ensure that they are compatible with our mission; to achieve a low carbon economy, make Gibraltar as environmentally sustainable as possible, reduce our impact on the planet and improve quality of life for all.

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Ministry for Environment, Sustainability, Climate Change, Heritage and Culture
1B Leanse Place,
50 Town Range,
Tel No: (+350) 20066491
Fax No: (+350) 20066706

Staff at the Ministry for the Environment, Sustainability, Climate Change, Heritage and Culture
Post Tel. No.
Personal Assistant 20066491
Administrative Officer 20066702

The Environmental Action & Management Plan (EAMP)

The EAMP, which follows on from the Environment Charter, forms the basis of all government environmental policy and will serve to inform and guide decision makers. It will be regularly updated to reflect the government's continuous commitment to environmental improvement. To view a copy of the EAMP click here.

Department of the Environment, Sustainability, Climate Change and Heritage

The Department of the Environment, Sustainability, Climate Change and Heritage aims to achieve a high quality environment, providing effective environmental protection, addressing the threat of climate change, protecting and enhancing our natural environment, developing sustainable waste management practices, promoting energy efficiency and sustainable energy generation as well as ensuring that Gibraltar's development respects the delicate balance between environment, economy and society. Increased attention to the prevalence and importance of our environment has recently led to a substantial number of environmentally concerned EU directives being implemented, setting targets for the control of pollution, depletion of natural resources, resource management and so on. Gibraltar is committed to the EU policy on the preservation, protection and improvement of the environment. The department advises on EU directives and the creation of systems to manage them. Our aim is to ensure that the environment receives its due respect, with the department fulfilling its duties and obligations to cultivate a cleaner and safer environment for all to enjoy.

Contact Us

Department of the Environment, Sustainability, Climate Change and Heritage
2B Leanse Place,
50 Town Range,
Tel No: (+350) 20065964

Staff at the Department of the Environment, Sustainability, Climate Change and Heritage
Post Tel. No.
Chief Executive Officer 20079088
Senior Environment Officer 20079742
Senior Executive Officer 20065082
Energy Conservation Officer 20045769
Environment Officer 20072178
Environment Officer 20045003
Higher Executive Officer 20072109
Executive Officer 20071143
Executive Officer 20072109
Assistant Environment Officer 20066504
Assistant Environment Officer 20066507
Assistant Environment Officer 20066508
Assistant Environment Officer 20066509
Administrative Officer 20048450
Administrative Officer 20050294
Typist 20048450

Environmental Monitoring Unit

The main duties of this unit are the daily monitoring and supervision of the cleansing and other municipal services provided by contractors to Government throughout Gibraltar. Master Services is contracted by HM Government of Gibraltar to provide most of these services and the unit has to ensure that these are delivered in an efficient manner and to the required high standards as specified in the agreements. The following are the main services monitored by the unit:

  • The cleansing of public places, highways, streets, roads and other specific areas
  • The removal of accumulations including bulky and other items
  • The servicing of refuse containers and bin holding areas
  • The servicing of litter bins
  • The servicing of parks and playgrounds
  • The maintenance of street furniture and re-sanding of roads and pavements in the newly beautified areas within the city centre
  • The servicing of public toilets
  • The collection of refuse

The unit is also tasked with the monitoring and supervision of Litter Control Areas, concessions / permits for the placing of tables and chairs, unauthorized works etc. Other duties include working in partnership with Government departments, agencies, developers and contractors on matters related to cleansing, refuse collection and other services and facilities provided. The unit also attends to enquiries, complaints, and reports from the general public, traders and other entities on cleansing and other related matters.

Staff at the Department of the Environment, Sustainability, Climate Change and Heritage
Post Tel. No.
Cleansing Superintendent 20048329
Environmental Monitor 20079865
Environmental Monitor 20079815
Environmental Monitor 20079865
Gardener 20079815
Environmental Feedback Section 20065964


The Superintendent of the Cemetery heads the cemetery. The cemetery staff is comprised of a Keeper of the Cemetery, eight gravediggers and eight maintenance staff.

The North Front Cemetery is the only cemetery still in use for burials in Gibraltar. It was first opened to internments in 1756. North Front Cemetery is also an important military cemetery for members of the Armed Services who died in both World wars.

The cemetery is open to the public daily from 8.00 a.m. till 6.00 p.m.

Cemetery Application Forms

Should you wish to download any of the forms required to carry out a service at the cemetery, please click on the desired form.

Transfer of remains
Transfer of ownership (Vault)
Application for construction of vault
Application for construction of monument

Please note that in order to complete the form, some of the data required (e.g. vault numbers) needs to be obtained from the main office at the cemetery. For further information on any issues of the Cemetery, please do not hesitate to contact them on any of details below.

Post Contact
Superintendent Cemetery 20078491
Cemetery Keeper 20077279
Email address