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Forms for Download

Table of contents

Tax Tables, P7, P7A, P8, P10 & P12 

Forms used by employers for the tax year commencing 1st July 2019 can be found at

Guidance Notes

Qualifying Individuals
Classes of Expenditure allowed as Deductions
Notifiable arrangements & Proposals and Advance Clearings Procedure
Guidance Notes for Occupational Pension Schemes and Retirement Annuity Contracts
Imported Pension Schemes Guidance Notes
Guidance on Business Entertainment Expenditure
QNUPS Guidance Notes
Gift Aid Guidance Notes
Guidance Note Tax Rulings Procedure
Guidance Notes on Accrued and Derived 

Tax Calculators

Tax Calculator 2022/23

Tax Calculator 2019/20, 2020/21 & 2021/22
Tax Calculator 2018/19
Tax Calculator 2017/18
Tax Calculator 2016/17
Tax Calculator 2015/16
Tax Calculator 2014/15
Tax Calculator 2013/14
Tax Calculator 2012/13
Tax Calculator 2011/12

Application Form

Application Form for Gross Income Based System


Form ITTA - Trusts Tax Return
Form ITTB - Professional Trustee - Declaration of compliance & completeness
Form ITTC - Return of distribution to beneficiaries 

Category 2 Individual Tax Return (IT1C)

Category 2 Individual Tax Return (IT1C) 2022

Request for transaction printouts

Request for Transaction Printouts


Form IT2 - Return of Income 2010/11
Form IT2 - Return of Income 2009/10

Returns for Accounting periods ending on or after 1st January 2011

CT1 - Corporate Tax Return
Guidance Note CT100: How to Complete Form CT1 - Corporate Tax Return
CT2 - Return of Dividends
CT2A - Additional Sheets
CT2B - Additional Sheets
CT2C - Additional Sheets
CT2 - Example 1 Table 1
CT2 - Example 1 Table 2
CT2 - Example 1 Table 3
CT2 - Example 2 Table 1
CT2 - Example 2 Table 2
CT2 - Example 2 Table 3
CT2 - Examples Booklet

Self Assesment

Gross Income Based Tax Calculator 2015/16

Self Employed Forms

Guide to Employment or Self - Employment
Form SE1 - Application for Registration as a Self-Employed Individual
Form SE2 - Claim to reduce Payments on Account
Form SE3 - Taxi owner driver application form self employed
Form SE4 - Rental income application form self employed
Form SE5 - Cessation Form self employed
Application for £4,000 tax credit for persons over 60
Application for Relief on Loan Interest in Respect of Garage/Car Space
Application for Income Tax Relief on Mortgage/Loan Interest
Application for Home Purchase Allowance
Application for Home Purchase Allowance (Special Deduction)
Application for Nursery Allowance
Self-Employed Contribution Schedule


CT3 - Company Registration Spreadsheet
CT3 - Company Registration Form
CT3A - Authorising your Agent
Guidance Note CT101: How to Complete Form CT3A - Authorising your Agent
CT4 - Claim to reduce payments on account for an accounting period
Country by Country Reporting - Notification Template
Explanatory Notes on Country by Country Reporting Obligations
Application for Start up Relief


Certificate of Contributions Request Form
Credits Over 55
Credits Over 60
Social Insurance Exemption
Invalidity Credits
Refund of Employee Contributions
Voluntary Contributor

Dispute Resolution (MAP) Guidance – Double Taxation Agreements

Gibraltar MAP Guidance