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There are 14 schools and one college of further education in Gibraltar. All teacher training takes place in UK universities and colleges, and teachers must have a registration number issued by the Department for Education (UK).

Name of Institution Headteacher Telephone
Gibraltar College Mr L Abecasis +350 20071048
Bayside School Mr M Tavares +350 20074525
Westside School Mrs M Barabich +350 20074300
Bishop Fitzgerald Middle School Mrs L Parral +350 20077162
St Anne's Middle School Mrs L Andrews +350 20077161
St Bernard’s Middle School Ms D Holmes +350 20073863
St Joseph's Middle School Dr T Ocaña +350 20075615
Hebrew Primary School Mr R Lomax +350 20078425
Governor's Meadow First School Mrs F Ferro +350 20075772
Notre Dame First School Mrs P Cruz +350 20075182
St Bernard's First School Mrs S Lopez +350 20078888
St Joseph's First School Mrs G Montegriffo +350 20078515
St Mary's First School Mrs J Sanguinetti +350 20075946
St Paul's First School Mrs R Hitchcock +350 20071696
St Martin's Special School Ms A Felipes +350 20078704