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Buildings & Works

Housing Works Agency

The main role of the agency is the maintenance of government housing accommodation subject to the terms of the tenancy agreement.

The head office comprises the head of the agency, the administration and the accounts sections.

Scope of works: Reports of repairs (including daytime emergencies), reported by tenants are received by the Reporting Office, either by telephone (20048440/20048441), or by email ( Afterhours service reports may be made by telephone (20050129). Information regarding the nature of the report, works to be carried out and other technical and statistical details are documented in a centralised database system. The report is then processed by the Housing Works Agency commencing with the estimation and scoping of works for the works to be carried out.

Finances: The agency finances its operation from government funding. Every year draft estimates of expenditure and revenue for the financial year (April 1st to March 31st) are laid out in parliament. An appropriation law is then passed by parliament, which authorizes the controlling officer of each head of expenditure to spend the monies shown in the approved estimates. The controlling officer for the estimates of expenditure in the agency is the head of administration and finance. The Agency is not a receiver of revenue.

Location: The agency is situated at Suite 10/6-9, 12-13, International Commercial Centre, Main Street, Gibraltar.

Contact numbers:
Tel: +350 20048440
Fax: +350 20079377