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Airport Related Town Planning Guidance

The Director of Civil Aviation provides advice to Developers on construction projects in the vicinity of the airport: NB This information is also reproduced on the Town Planning webpage. The general requirements are set out in the following Policies and Procedures.

Policy 08 Aerodrome Safeguarding

Policy 09 Technical Safeguarding

Procedure 08 Aerodrome Safeguarding

Procedure 09 Technical Safeguarding

The link to the 3D OLS page on the Gibraltar GeoPortal is 3D Obstacle Limitation Surfaces ( On this page it is possible to find the maximum height permitted building height, for aviation purposes only, that can be built at any site in Gibraltar. NB - Read the "HOW TO USE" notes on the page to understand the accuracy and limitations of the heights obtained.

In addition to the documents provided here, the Airport Operators Association has published guidance material on the subject in the UK, which is reproduced below. While the guidance material is directed at Developers intending to build infrastructure and buildings near UK Airports, it provides very useful general guidance information for Developers looking to build in Gibraltar. However, it should be noted that where there is a conflict with information contained in the local documents above, the local documents take precedence and their requirements are to be met.

Should there be doubt over the interpretation or applicability of the AOA guidance details, then please contact the DCA by e-mail ( for clarification.

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- Wildlife Hazards around Airports
- Cranes and other Construction Guidance
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