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The Statistics Office was created in 1970 at a time when the frontier with Spain had recently closed. The Government wanted economic and social data that would assist it in the formulation of policy in the years that lay ahead. The Census was carried out in 1970, a year in advance of normal schedule, to determine the impact of the closed frontier on the labour market. In addition, legislation was enacted empowering the Government Statistician to collect data via the conduct of a number of statutory reports.

The main role of the Statistics Office is to provide Government with relevant social and economic statistics. As such, the Office regularly collects data on employment, earnings, population, tourism, trade and retail prices and also compiles the national accounts, which provide an indication of the performance of the economy. The Statistics Office plays an important role in providing non-Government bodies and individuals with general statistical information.

The Office's duties are determined by the Statistics Act 1970. Under the provisions of the Act, the Government Statistician is required to compile and present before the Parliament the following reports:

Employment Survey
Tourist Survey
Hotel Occupancy Survey
Air Traffic Survey
Census *

* The Statistics Office assists the Census Commissioner in his duties under the Census Act 1951. Every ten years a Census is carried out, and a Census report is presented before the Parliament.

The Statistics Office also carries out a number of other survey/reports and functions that are of a non-statutory nature. The main ones are:

Abstract of Statistics
National Income Statistics
Imports and Exports Statistics
Input/Output Model
Index of Retail Prices
Demographic Statistics
Family Expenditure Survey

For further information please contact the Statistics Office on:

Tel: (+350) 20075515 or (+350) 20075490
Fax: (+350) 20051160

or by post to:

Statistics Office
Suite 3.22 World Trade Center
6 Bayside Road
GX11 1AA