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Department of Equality

The Department of Equality is responsible for ensuring that all discrimination is identified and eradicated. The department leads on issues relating to women, disability and sexual orientation with a view to removing barriers to equality so as to help build a fairer society.

Ministry of Equality Launches Accessible Public Toilets Leaflet

Ministry of Equality, as part of its Working Together for Equality series, has launched a leaflet with information on accessible public toilets.  

The importance of accessible public toilets should not be underestimated. While accessible toilets may often be overlooked or regarded as mundane, there are people in our community for whom access to adequate toilet space is a crucial issue in their daily life. It is a ‘powerful piece of porcelain’ that controls the way some people with disabilities live their life, how they enjoy their leisure, how they shop and how they travel. It can even limit the amount of time they are away from home.  

The objective of the Accessible Public Toilets leaflet is to assist people with disabilities in finding a toilet quickly and discreetly, whether it be an accessible toilet, accessible undersized toilet or a changing place toilet. The leaflet provides information as to location, type of accessible toilet, opening hours, and nearest bus stop(s). Details explaining the different types of facilities is also included. 

Accessible Toilets and Changing Places

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