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Eastside Gibraltar Environmental Statement, July 2007

An application for detailed planning permission has been submitted to the Government of Gibraltar for the redevelopment of land situated on the east side of the Gibraltar Peninsula. The application is for a mixed-use residential development, to include retail and commercial, hotels, public and private car parking, landscaped open spaces and the required on-site road and utility infrastructure.

The development will be referred to as “Eastside”.

Contents Amendment Record
Non-Technical Summary
1. Introduction
2. The EIA Process
3. The Site and Surrounding Area
4. Description of the Development
5. Coastal Hydrodynamics and Geomorphology
6. Water Quality
7. Sediment Quality
8. Soil Quality
9. Ecology
10. Nature Conservation

11. Transport Assessment
12. Air Quality
13. Noise

14. Landscape and Visual Impacts
14.1 Landscape Context
14.2 Landscape Assessment Zone of Visual Influence: Plan
14.3 Landscape Assessment Zone of Visual Influence: Long Sections
14.4 Photo1: Aerial Photograph
14.5 Landscape Assessment: Photograph and Illustration Viewpoint Location Plan
14.6a-i Landscape Assessment: Photographs
14.7 Landscape Character Assessment: Photograph Viewpoint Location Plan
14.8a-e Landscape Character Assessment: Photographs
14.9 Landscape Character Assessment: Landscape Character Types
14.10 Landscape Character Assessment: Topography
14.11 Landscape Character Assessment: Geology
14.12 Landscape Character Assessment: Settlements
14.13 Landscape Character Assessment: Landcover
14.14 Landscape Character Assessment: Landscape Character Areas
14.15 Masterplan
14.16 Development Area
14.17 Landscape Masterplan
14.18 Building Heights
14.19 Site Circulation
14.20a-l Illustrations of Proposed Development from Selected Viewpoints - Before and After
14.21a Building Heights Option A
14.21b Building Heights Option B
15. Archaeology and Cultural Heritage
16. Recreation and Tourism
17. Socio-Economics
18. Summary of Residual Impacts
19. References / Bibliography 

ES 1 - Site Location (Regional)
ES 2 - Site Location (Local)
ES 3 - Masterplan

Appendix A - Government of Gibraltar Scoping Opinion and Consultation Responses
Appendix B - Flow Conditions Report
Appendix C - Wave Conditions Report
Appendix D - Coastal Morphology Report
Appendix E - Sediment Quality Data
Appendix F - Intertidal Survey Report
Appendix G - Noise Data
Appendix H - Transport Figures
Appendix J - Bird Risk Assessment Study