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Liaison Department

This Department was set up in September 2013 specifically to provide Gaming Operators with an improved service in all their dealings with Government. The Department subsequently in November 2013 extended its offering to the Financial Services Sector.

The prime objective of this department is to assist and support the Financial Services and Gaming Sectors in their interaction with Government across the entire spectrum of the Public Service.

The industries are offered a fast track process in relation to all matters touching the public service. This service is achieved by an established proactive approach with communication having become a vital aspect of the whole process.

All queries are dealt with in the strictest confidence and resolved expeditiously. These may arise in relation to;

  • Employment
  • CSRO
  • GHA / PCC
  • Licencing
  • Income Tax
  • Social security
  • Any issue that requires prompt firm action

The Liaison department is the problem solving hub which boasts sound and effective results within a 24hr turnaround period.

We also work closely with the Employment service in facilitating and screening potential applicants for these sectors.

Should you require further information or assistance, please contact us on the details provided hereunder:

H.M. Government of Gibraltar
Ministry of Digital and Financial Services
Liaison Department
Block 7, Suite 761A(Floor 6) Europort