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Directions and Approvals

The Director of Civil Aviation (DCA) produces and makes public information in the form of Directions, Policies and Procedures.

Directions are issued to persons, either individually or generally, who are subject to the provisions of the Civil Aviation Act.  A Direction requires the person directed to do, or refrain from doing, something which the Minister or DCA may consider necessary for them to comply with any provision or any condition, obligation or other requirement applicable to the directed person under the Act. Directions are enforceable by law and if not complied with will result in penalties.

Direction 01 - Measurement Compliance

Direction 02 - Fire Fighting Equipment

Direction 03Aviation Glossary

Direction 04 - Air Traffic Flow Management

Direction 05 - Extension of Validity English Language Proficiency

Notices are produced to promulgate decisions made by the Minister with responsibility for Transport concerning the activities of the DCA and decisions made by the DCA:

- ATC Unit Approval
- Guidance on Approach Criteria for Gibraltar Airport