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The Care Agency

The Care Agency is a statutory body created under the Laws of Gibraltar, to provide Social Services for the community. It operates within the provisions of the Care Agency Act 2009, under the auspices of the Ministry for Tourism, Equality, Social Services and Housing. The Care Agency Head Office is located at 1-2 Johnstone's Passage. The Care Agency consists of: - Children & Families Services - Adult Services - Disability Services - Administration

The Therapeutic Team first started in Oct 2002. Since then it has evolved significantly and continues to offer Care Agency clients and Care Agency colleagues with a range of specific therapeutic expertise and support. This occurs through their on-going continued in house work with both Duty and Long Term teams in our:

  1. Children and Families Service,
  2. Adult Services,
  3. Disability Services,
  4. Residential Services (Both Children and Adult Services)
  5. and our Fostering and Adoption Service.

The focus of The Care Agency's Therapeutic Team lies in:

  1. realms of abuse (Sexual, Physical, Emotional and Neglect)
  2. Trauma based work,
  3. Risk management assessment
  4. Evaluations (Court - Safeguarding cases)
  5. Specialist Provision of Witness Evidence where applicable at court.
  6. Supporting and/or evaluating, developmental, emotional or behavioural difficulties arising as a result of abuse

The key elements of service provision for 2018 have been:

  • Provision of on-going consultation and/ or co-working with Social Work colleagues on open cases.
  • Direct one to one therapeutic / systemic work - open cases to Agency .
  • Individual Assessments and / or evaluations for open cases to the Agency and / or as Court Requested.
  • Co-parenting Programme (Court Welfare clients ).
  • Freedom Programme (Domestic Violence).
  • Support / Training for Children's Residential Care work staff
  • Support Group for Parents (Disability)
  • Support in delivery of Adoption and Fostering Training for prospective Foster Parents.
  • Representation in house for Child or Vulnerable Adult Protection Conferences, Core Groups and Professional Meetings.