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Ministry for Culture


Mission Statement

The Ministry for Culture promotes creativity and cultural values.  We aim to develop Gibraltar's cultural and artistic heritage with a view to export our culture abroad and feature Gibraltar as an incredible place to visit.

Ministry for Culture

The Ministry functions through two offices, the Ministry for Culture and Gibraltar Cultural Services.  The Ministry for Culture deals with the preservation and conservation of the country's rich cultural heritage and promotion of art and culture.

The Ministry is responsible for the protection, development and promotion of heritage and culture.  In addition, the Ministry is committed to preserve the Gibraltarian heritage and honour important historical events.

The Ministry, through Gibraltar Cultural Services is engaged in recognising excellence in the field of art and culture by way of cultural awards.

We aim to maintain the Gibraltarian identity through the promotion and protection of the arts (visual, theatrical, musical, dance literary, televisual and cinematographic) in Gibraltar and abroad.

The main objectives of the Ministry for Culture are:

  • To work with individuals and groups involved in the arts and other cultural activities;
  • To extend the audience for, and participation in the arts;
  • To sustain and encourage the best possible standards of artistic practice;
  • To help artists and organisations to achieve organisational viability and visibility;
  • To maximise investment in the arts;
  • To build partnerships with the business sector and others to extend strategic support for the arts;
  • To build working relationships with other authorities abroad, to widen the scope of artistic and cultural activities in Gibraltar;
  • To develop contacts abroad with a view to export Gibraltar's Culture to other countries.
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Ministry for Culture

City Hall, John Mackintosh Square, Gibraltar GX11 1AA

Tel: +350 200 41835


Office of the Mayor

Contact Us
Office of the Mayor

City Hall, John Mackintosh Square, Gibraltar, GX11 1AA

Tel: +350 200 47592
Mobile: +350 56883000


Gibraltar Cultural Services (GCS)

GCS works on behalf of the Ministry for Culture for HM Government of Gibraltar, organising cultural events and managing the numerous cultural facilities and premises in Gibraltar.

For more information on Gibraltar Cultural Services, downloadable cultural forms and a full calendar of events click here.