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Employee Management Team

The Employee Management Team deals with daily issues concerning all Government and Gibraltar Health Authority employees. This includes the preparation of letters of appointments, promotion procedures, staff transfers , provision of inductions, monitoring departmental manning levels, providing statistics including online statistics for publication in the Government of Gibraltar Website, preparation of the Annual Government Approved Establishments for its submission to the Gibraltar Parliament, and providing advice and assistance to Ministers and Heads of Department.

  • Employee Management Team responsible for:
  • Offers of Appointments/Terms of Employment
  • Inductions
  • Transfers/Secondments
  • Job & Person Specifications
  • Change of Particulars
  • Extensions of Service
  • Medical Questionnaires
  • Probationary /Confirmation Reports
  • Part Time/Job Sharing/Family Friendly Requests
  • Temporary Promotions 
  • Contracts – Short/Fixed and Variations
  • Employee Management Database
  • Approved Establishments

Contact Telephone Numbers: (350) 20051680 / 20060006/ 20065609 / 20041730 / 20044778



Contact Telephone Number for GHA Employees: (350) 20063037 / 20069422 

Email for GHA Employees: