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Gibraltar Co-ordinating Centre for Criminal Intelligence and Drugs (GCID)

The GCID was established in the early part of 1997 to co-ordinate the gathering, analysis and use of criminal intelligence. It is a non-operational unit with well-established intelligence databases. Operational duties remain the responsibility of the agencies to which the intelligence is assigned. GCID evolved as a result of Gibraltar's efforts in the local and international fight against drugs trafficking, money laundering and other major crime. It liaises closely with law enforcement agencies locally and internationally in order to process intelligence primarily concerned with serious or organised crime either locally or with Gibraltar links internationally. The unit is currently staffed by officers seconded to it from the Royal Gibraltar Police, HM Customs Gibraltar and the Gibraltar Defence Police. In February 2002, GCID took over the responsibilities of running the Gibraltar Interpol Sub-Bureau on behalf of the RGP, who retain overall control and command of the bureau. This has resulted in further co-ordination of intelligence affecting Gibraltar on the international front.

Contact details as follows:

GCID: +350 20043618
Fax: +350 20070233
Email for GCID: