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Excellence & Innovation Awards 23/24

The Office of the Chief Secretary is excited to announce the second year of our Excellence and Innovation Awards for the Public Service! These awards recognise individuals, teams, and projects that consistently excel in serving our community and upholding our commitment to excellence and innovation. We aim to acknowledge and celebrate those who show exceptional dedication, creativity, and effectiveness in their roles, inspiring and motivating all of us to raise the bar in our public service efforts.

Here are the key details for the Excellence and Innovation Awards:

Categories: We have three award categories to recognise a diverse range of accomplishments. These include awards for individual excellence and innovative projects that have made a significant impact on our community or within the public service.

Departmental award

  1. Project achievement award – This award recognises a department that has launched and executed an innovative project that benefits the service enormously. Should they wish to be considered, each department must nominate themselves or a fellow department, by filling in form A. The application form will focus on projects launched that relevant year.

Individual awards

  1. The Rising Star Award – This award recognises an individual's potential, professionalism, and work ethic in the first five years of their Public Service career. Colleagues or heads of departments should nominate individuals by filling in form B.

  2. The Charles Collinson Award for Inspirational Leadership – This award recognises individuals for setting direction, communicating and collaborating clearly, and empowering colleagues to fulfil their potential. This award is open to all grades across the service. Colleagues or heads of departments should nominate individuals by filling in form B.

Eligibility: All Public Service employees and departments are eligible for these awards. Nominations can be submitted by peers or supervisors who believe their colleagues deserve recognition or by individuals themselves if they have formed part of a project they believe has had a positive impact on the service or the public.

Selection Process: An impartial panel of judges will evaluate the nominations and select the winners based on established criteria, which include the innovation, impact, and dedication demonstrated in the public service. There will be a winner ad runner-up for each category.

Nomination Period: The nomination period begins today, 1st November and closes on 15th December. We encourage everyone to actively participate in this process by nominating deserving candidates.

To nominate a deserving individual, team, or project, please use the nomination forms provided on this page. Be sure to provide as much detail as possible to help the judging panel make an informed decision.

We look forward to receiving your nominations and celebrating the outstanding achievements in Public Service.

If you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Office of the Chief Secretary.