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Law & Justice

Royal Gibraltar Police

The oldest police force in the commonwealth, the Royal Gibraltar Police force has been tasked with the protection of the community and enforcing the Government of Gibraltar's laws since its formation in 1830.

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Gibraltar Police Authority

An independent body tasked with ensuring the Royal Gibraltar Police operates as efficiently and effectively as possible within available resources, providing information on police issues to the community,...

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The GCID was established in the early part of 1997 to co-ordinate the gathering, analysis and use of criminal intelligence. It is a non-operational unit with well-established intelligence databases. Operational duties remain the responsibility of the agencies to which the intelligence is assigned.

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Government Law Offices

HM Government of Gibraltar Law Offices ("GLO") are headed by the Attorney General and includes the Office of Advisory Counsel, the Office of Parliamentary Counsel, the Office of Criminal Prosecutions and Litigation and the Administration Office (including the Gibraltar Gazette).

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Gibraltar Courts Service

The Aim of the Gibraltar Courts Service is to support the delivery of a timely and efficient justice system that is open to all.

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