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Human Resources

Who we are and what we do:

The Human Resources Department is responsible for all matters regarding recruitment, appointments and promotions and for delivering human resources policies to Government Departments. This encompasses industrial relations, pay awards, disciplinary proceedings, public service pension awards, conditions of service and terms of employment, General Orders and Industrial Regulations.

What we spend and how we spend it:

The departmental establishment and expenditure for the Human Resources Department is published on an annual basis in the Approved Government of Gibraltar Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure.

What our priorities are and how are we doing:

The Human Resources Department provides professional Human Resource services to Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar, the Public Service and the general public whom we serve, through solid guidance, the application of best practice ethos, strategic vision and leadership.

How we make decisions:

The Human Resources Department dedicates itself to make decisions on the following sectors:

Recruitment and Administration Section

The Recruitment and Administration section is responsible for the processing of applications in response to vacancies, both external and internal, of personnel for the whole of the Civil Service. This entails receipt and processing of application forms up to the selection process, which may include exams and selection days.

In addition to the above, this section is also responsible for the efficient and effective running for all the departmental filing systems, incoming and outgoing mail and the initial functions for the departmental purchases.

Recruitment is based upon the following principles:

  • Fair and open competition;
  • Selection on merit;
  • Compliance with statutory regulation and employment law and codes of practice;
  • Adoption of professional best practice;
  • Offering the same opportunities to everyone abiding by the Gibraltar Equality Act, 2006 and in accordance with the Public Appointments Act 2007 where applicable.

Policy Section

The Policy section main functions are as follows: -

  1. Industrial Relations & Pay – Responsibility for Conditions of Service, General Orders, Industrial Regulations, Claims, Pay Reviews, Research into UK Analogues and interaction with UK counterparts as and when required and Industrial Relations.
  2. Research into UK and EU employment legislation and provision of advice and guidance across the board, including interpretation of the Pensions Act.

The department abides by the General Orders, Industrial Regulations and Conditions of Service which mainly derive from Civil Service UK Analogues and EU employment legislation. The Human Resources Department provides advice and information on Industrial Relations matters and applies any policies or decisions agreed.

Discipline Section

The Discipline section provides advice to all Government departments, inclusive of Agencies and Authorities on conduct, disciplinary and performance issues & processing of all disciplinary cases including analysis of reports submitted by departments, absence management, analysis of bullying and harassment allegations and grievances. This is undertaken in close liaison with the Public Service Commission which is responsible for this process and whom acts in accordance with the Gibraltar Constitution and the Public Appointments Act.

Gibraltar Constitution Order link: Gibraltar Constitution Order 2006 (

Public Appointments Act link: Public Appointments Act 2007 (

Training and Development Section

This section is responsible for coordinating and providing a wide range of courses and seminars to all Civil Servants with the aim of enhancing employees’ personal and professional developments and skills.

Staff Management Section

The Staff Management Section deals with daily issues concerning all Government employees. This includes the preparation of letters of appointments, promotion procedures, staff transfers retirements/ terminations/ resignations, pensions, succession planning, IT Management, departmental restructures, provision of inductions, maintaining/ monitoring departmental manning levels, providing statistics, preparation of the Annual Government Approved Establishments for its submission to the Gibraltar Parliament, claims in relation to pay on initial engagement, and providing advice and assistance to Ministers and Heads of Department.

The staff management section is divided into three sub-sections as follows:

Employee Management Section responsible for:
  • Offers of Appointments/Terms of Employment
  • Inductions
  • Transfers/Secondments
  • Job & Person Specifications
  • Change of Particulars
  • Extensions of Service
  • Medical Questionnaires
  • Probationary /Confirmation Reports
  • Part Time/Job Sharing/ Family Friendly Requests
  • Temporary Promotions
  • Contracts – Short/Fixed and Variations
  • Employee Management Database
  • Approved Establishments
Employee Relations Section responsible for:
  • Maternity/Adoption/Paternity Leave
  • Occupational Health
  • Career breaks
  • Private Work applications
  • Special paid/unpaid leave applications
  • Alternative Employment
  • Sick leave reviews
  • Permission to participate in Political Activities
  • Requests for Union facility time
  • Claims
  • Pay Reviews
Termination of Service Section responsible for:
  • Checking and Processing of Pensions
  • Resignations
  • Payment of Annual Leaves on retirement
  • Termination of Employment
  • Notification of Retirement
  • Death in Service
  • Loss of interest claims

Senior Management Support Section

The Senior Management Support section undertakes the Departmental Accounts, mirrors duties and responsibilities carried out by the Staff Management section for final salary employees in Agencies and Authorities, Early-Exit Schemes & supports the Human Resources Manager.

In addition, since the commencement of the COVID-19 pandemic, the section manages all COVID-19 Teams deployments, monthly salaries & Human Resources matters.

Our Policies and Procedures:

The generic policies and procedures on Leave, Attendance, Conduct and Discipline, Appointments and Termination of service are outlined within General Orders for Non-Industrial staff and Industrial Regulations for Industrial staff. There are separate agreements regarding pay related rules for different categories of grades within the service, stemming from the respective UK Civil Service analogues. The General Orders are currently under review and will be replaced by a modernised and updated Public Service Code which is currently being drafted and will be published in the near future.

Services we offer:

External vacancy notices are advertised in the Gibraltar Government website under the Official Notices Internal vacancies and other notices pertaining to staff and/or departments are published by way of internal circulars.

The Human Resources Department provides guidance and advice on all Human Resources matters to all Government Departments and offers information to external applicants or prospective applicants on recruitment procedures.

Contact Us:

Human Resources Manager:

Contact Telephone Numbers: (350) 20051674 / 20051685
Units 82-86 Harbours Walk The New Harbours Rosia Road Gibraltar
Counter Hours General Enquiries: 8:30am to 3:00pm

Recruitment and Administration:

Contact Telephone Numbers: (350) 20071911 / 20051686

Employee Management Section:

Contact Telephone Numbers:(350) 20051680 / 20060006/ 20065609

Employee Relations Section:

Contact Telephone Numbers:(350) 20046122 / 20051687

Termination of Service Team:

Contact Telephone Numbers:(350) 20065616 / 20041750

Training and Development:

Contact Telephone Numbers:(350) 20065614 / 20044776


Contact Telephone Number:(350) 20065618 / 20051677


Contact Telephone Number:(350) 20074375 / 20051677 / 20060013