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Q: Is the Census compulsory?

A: In accordance with the Census Act, taking part in the Census is compulsory. Persons who refuse to give information or wilfully give false information could be liable, on conviction to a fine.

Q: I am not from Gibraltar, will I need to complete a questionnaire?

A: Yes, the Census should be completed by every resident in Gibraltar regardless of nationality.

Q: Who should be included on the Census Form?

A: - Every member of the Household present on 12 November 2012. - Members of the Household absent from the dwelling on that day but who were present in Gibraltar and who were, for example, a temporary patient in hospital, etc - Members of the Household absent from the dwelling on that day and who were away from Gibraltar, but would normally reside at that dwelling, for example, students away in the UK, people away from Gibraltar on holiday or on business, etc. - Permanent members and Reservists of the Royal Gibraltar Regiment.

Q: Who is the Householder?

A: The householder is the person who lives, or is present, at this address, who either owns/rents (or jointly owns/rents) the accommodation and/or is responsible (or jointly responsible) for paying the household bills and expenses.

Q: What is a household?

A: A household is defined as: one person living alone or a group of people (not necessarily related) living at the same address who share cooking facilities and share a living room, sitting room or dining area. All members of the household should be included in the same Census form.

Q: What is the difference between a visitor from abroad, a boarder and a lodger?(Questions 3 and 4 of Part A of the 2012 Census Form)

A: - Visitor from abroad: is in Gibraltar for a short period of time (less than 12 months but including the night of 12 November), may or may not share facilities. (Headcount only in Question 4 of Part A.) - Boarder: lives at the same address as the household, shares cooking facilities etc., has been or will be in Gibraltar for 12 months. (Included in Question 3 and Part B of the Census Form.) - Lodger: lives (rents) at the same address as the household, has been or will be in Gibraltar for 12 months but does NOT share facilities. A lodger is NOT a member of the household and therefore requires completing a separate Census form.

Q: Who would be included as "Gibraltarian" under the nationality question?(Part B Question 4 on the Census Form)

A: As in the Census 2001, the Gibraltarian population is arrived at by classifying persons in accordance with their entitlement to Gibraltarian status, whether registered as such or not. In 1999, the Gibraltarian Status Act was amended with the effect that more persons became entitled to Gibraltarian status.

Q: How would you define “usually resident”?

A: A usual resident of Gibraltar, for Census purposes, is anyone who on 12 November 2012 had stayed or intends to stay in Gibraltar for at least 12 months or more. Additionally, anyone who has a permanent Gibraltar address but is outside Gibraltar for less than 12 months.

Q: What about anyone who is away from home on Census day?

A: You need to include anyone who usually lives in your household but is temporarily away from home on Census day. Examples include students studying abroad, people away from Gibraltar on business or holiday, etc.

Q: How will I be counted if I live in a nursing home, hospital, hotel or other managed residential accommodation?

A: Special arrangements will be made for the enumeration of these institutions.

Q: How are the services treated for Census purposes?

A: The following criteria, which have traditionally been applied, will continue to be applied:

  • UK-British military personnel are excluded completely from the Census count.
  • The families of UK-British military personnel (as well as UK-based civilians and their families) will be included as “persons present” on Census day, but do not form part of the “usually resident” count.
  • Members of the Royal Gibraltar Regiment and their families are included as “usually resident”.

Q: Why is it necessary to ask for the name of respondents?

A: The names of individual persons are not, and have never been, used for statistical purposes. The names remain exclusively on the Forms and are not inputted into any database. Requiring respondents to include their names is useful, not only for the completeness of the exercise, but also for historical and research reasons.

Q: Who will have access to Census information?

A: Once the information provided in the forms has been processed, Census data will only be available to the Census Team. Published information is aggregated and presented in a manner that protects the identification of any particular person, as required by the law.

Q: How many Censuses have been taken?

A: This Census will be the 23rd Census of Gibraltar.