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Consumer Protection

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Consumer Protection

The previous Department of Consumer Affairs has now become the Office of Fair Trading’s Consumer Protection division. The objective of the Division remains to advise consumers of their rights, to handle complaints against businesses and to ensure that locals and visitors alike are able to shop with confidence in Gibraltar.

Additionally the division now plays a regulatory role. The Fair Trading Act 2015 creates a mandate for the OFT to investigate and prevent features of a market in Gibraltar which may significantly harm consumer interests. In other words, the OFT’s Consumer Protection division will oversee business practices to ensure that a level playing field is maintained between businesses in Gibraltar for the benefit of consumers.

In conjunction with the Business Licensing Authority, the Consumer Protection Division will work to ensure that all businesses abide by their legal requirements, e.g. ensuring businesses do not trade without a licence, breach consumers’ rights (these include the ability to return faulty goods within a reasonable time and to be informed about prices, shop policies and guarantees) or carry on business practices which harm consumers. In doing so, not only does the Office of Fair Trading protect consumers’ interests, but it also ensures that all businesses compete with each other fairly as they are all playing by the same rules.

For further information and advice you may visit the OFT’s website -
Alternatively if you want to report a consumer problem or require further information please contact us.  
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