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Companies House

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Companies House

Table of contents

Aims and Statutory Duties

The aims and statutory duties of Companies House Gibraltar comprise.

  • To Incorporate and dissolve companies
  • To examine and hold documents delivered to it under the Companies Act
  • To make this information available to the public

Additional Duties

Companies House Gibraltar is also the Registrar of:

  • Business Names and Domain Names
  • Trade Marks
  • Patents
  • European Economic Interest Groupings
  • Limited Partnerships
  • Trusts
  • Societas Europea
  • Private Trust Companies

Business Name Certificate

Any individual, partnership or company carrying on business in Gibraltar must register as a business name if they are trading with a name other than their own. Even when individuals are trading under their own name, it is recommended that they register it as a business name. There are three forms available for the registration of a business name:

  • Application for Registration by an Individual (Sole Trader)
  • Application for Registration by a Firm (More than one Trader)
  • Application for Registration by a Company (Limited Company)

The registrar must approve the business name prior to registration. Usually, names are approved immediately at the registry. Upon registration and payment of the appropriate fee, the registrar will issue a Certificate of Registration of a Business Name. Once registered, the business name is unique to the owner and no one else can use that name. A business name, once registered, cannot be changed, but changes that occur to the details stated in the application should be registered. For example, change of address, change in the nature of the business, addition of new partners, must be notified to the registrar by completing a Form of Change in Particulars and payment of a fee. When the business ceases to exist and the business name is no longer required, a Form of Notice of Cessation of Business has to be presented to the Registrar.

Registration Fees

Type of Registration Cost Timescale
Business Registration £20 1 working day
Company Registration £100 3 working days
Urgent Company Registration £200 1 working day

For further information, please contact Companies House Gibraltar, 1st Floor, The Arcade, 30/38 Main Street, Gibraltar, Tel: +350 20078193, Fax: +350 20044436, Forms and applications can also be downloaded from the Companies House Gibraltar website,