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Frequently Asked Questions

Housing Needs and Allocation

To be eligible, you must be:

  1. persons who are registered in the Register of Gibraltarians;
    persons who are not registered Gibraltarians, but who at the time of application, have a right of permanent residence;
    persons who are British Dependent Territories citizens by virtue of a connection with Gibraltar, as defined by the British Nationality Act 1991.
  2. over 18 years of age (or over 16 years and head of a household)
  3. permanently resident in Gibraltar and have been so for one year prior to application
  4. a non-property owner, i.e. not own residential property or have a beneficial interest in a company owning residential property.

An applicant’s name must have been on the prelist for a period of one year (the qualifying period) before becoming eligible for Housing.

The allocation of flats works on a pointage system. A flat will be allocated once you reach the top of the relevant list.

One person is entitled to a 1RKB i.e. one room, kitchen and bathroom. It follows that entitlements progress as follows, although the current entitlement is being reviewed by Government:

  • A couple – 2RKB
  • A couple with one child – 3RKB
  • A couple with two children of the same sex – 3RKB
  • A couple with two children of different sex – 4RKB
  • A couple, one parent and two children of different sex – 5RKB
  • A couple, with three children – 5RKB
  1. If this is due to family increase, and you require larger accommodation, then you must become an applicant by completing an application form available at the Housing Counter or online;
  2. If you wish the same flat composition elsewhere, then you can either find your own exchange with another Government tenant and request approval from the Housing Department or place your name in the approved exchange list.
  3. If this is due to medical reasons, then written ‘medical evidence’ must be provided so that the Medical Team of the Housing Allocation Committee can assess your illness in relation to your housing needs.
  4. Should this be related to smaller accommodation, or you no longer require a larger premises, then there is a pensioner Exchange list for pensioners requiring smaller accommodation. If you are not a pensioner but would still like to request smaller accommodation, you may apply in writing for consideration as your request could be beneficial to our housing stock.

This is based on an initial report from the Environmental Health Agency and other considerations made in your application for Housing.

The decisions taken by the Housing Allocation Committee are final, however you may appeal to them directly.

After the qualifying period, which is a waiting time of 1 year on a pre-list, an offer of allocation will be made to an applicant when reaching the to of the Waiting List.

If authorised to reside at your parent’s address and should you have lived there for over 12 months (prior to them sadly passing away), then you would be entitled to remain and have the tenancy transferred over to your name.