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Year 12s Return to School Next Week - 396/2020

June 12, 2020

The secondary schools will welcome more students back to school as from next week. Year 12s will return to Bayside and Westside and Level 3 (Yr 1) students will return to the Gibraltar College on Tuesday 16th June. This coincides with the start of phase 4 of 'Unlock the Rock' and is Step Two in the Education Roadmap.

Year 12s and Level 3 (Yr 1) students will join Years 2, 6 and 10 who returned to school on 26th May.

As the schools approach their end of term for this academic year, they will enter into their summer hours schedule. Child care facilities will continue to be offered in all schools up until the end of term Tuesday 7th July. These facilities will also run to a summer hours schedule as from Tuesday 16th June. Schools open at 08:30 and close at 12:00 for Lower Primary, 12:30 for Upper Primary and 12:45 for Secondary schools.

During the period of summer hours children in Years 2 and 6 will continue to attend their school for a 2 hour session. Year 10 students in the two secondary schools and Level 1 students from the Gibraltar College will continue to attend their school for a double period lesson. Year 12/Level 3 (Yr 1) students will also attend double period lessons according to a subject specific timetable that has been devised expressly for this period of summer hours. All of these lessons will take place in the morning session and the specific timings will be communicated to parents and young people via the schools’ communication channels.

Home learning continues to be available for all year groups that have not been brought back into school. As from Tuesday 16th June, home learning for Year 12/Level 3 (Yr 1) children will cease as these students will be brought back to school and are expected to attend lessons according to the timetable that schools share with them. Home learning platforms will be used to offer support to young people in Year 12/Level 3 (Yr 1) who are unable to attend school for legitimate reasons, as has been the case with the pupils in Year 2, 6, 10 and Level 1. Parents of children who are unable to attend school are asked to contact their child’s Head teacher at the earliest possible opportunity.

St Martin’s School will continue to remain open, operating in a similar manner to how they have been operating throughout the period of lockdown. St Martin’s will, like all other schools, be working to a summer hours schedule as from Tuesday 16th June.

As has been fundamental to the Department of Education’s plans throughout, detailed and careful attention continues to be given to ensuring the safety of children and staff. All the guidelines outlined in the Department of Education’s ‘Guidance on the Reopening of Schools’ document will continue to be adhered to. The Department of Education is committed to ensuring that the programme for children and young people in the year groups brought back to school is meaningful and engages young learners actively and purposefully.