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Statement from the Chief Minister on developing COVID-19 situation - 926/2021

December 12, 2021

“The Prime Minister’s message tonight is clear: ‘Get Boosted Now’ and it applies as much in Gibraltar as it does in the United Kingdom.

“We are lucky enough to have been provided by the UK Government with an adequate supply of vaccines for third doses to protect our people and cross frontier workers, so Get Boosted Now.

“Christmas is the time for caring, so please show you care for your friends, family and the whole community by ensuring your immunity adds to all of ours.  Do not delay your booster shot because you are put off because you might get side effects.

“We now have evidence that two doses are simply not enough to give us the protection we all need.  We need the third, booster jab and we need it as soon as possible to avoid our GHA being overwhelmed or having to take more drastic measures to protect our health services.

“The Omicron variant is highly transmissible so get your booster shot to bring our level of immunity back up and protect our GHA.

“Even if most of us do not get severely ill, we sadly know from bitter experience how these exponential infection curves can develop, and the pressure that puts on our essential services.

“Just like the UK, we are therefore also expanding our vaccination programme this week. The COVID-19 Vaccination Centre at the Children’s PCC will be open on a drop-in basis from Monday-Friday from 9am to 8pm for anyone eligible for a booster or first/second dose of the vaccine.

“So let’s act to protects ourselves, to protect our families and to protect our friends, our livelihoods, and our freedom to enjoy the Festive Season together.

“By getting all of us boosted, we can really see Omicron off and be an example to other nations - but we will not achieve that if some decide to not take up our offer of the vaccine for 'diary planning' purposes. It's a risk we cannot afford to take collectively as a people.

“So if it is more than 3 months since you had your second jab, get your booster.

Get Boosted Now”.