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Quick testing and social responsibility key to preventing wide COVID-19 transmission - 740/2021

October 11, 2021

The Director of Public Health and the Contact Tracing Bureau have been working over the weekend after a community outbreak led to a spike in cases, reflected in today’s statistics.

The outbreak was identified after a number of loosely connected individuals tested positive and provided their details to the Contact Tracing Bureau. Transmission can’t be pinpointed to a specific event and is believed to have occurred mostly between households, at celebrations and at community events.

Thanks to the cooperation and responsible behaviour of the affected individuals, effective testing has led to the identification of a number of cases that would otherwise have gone undetected. This is the spike in numbers that is reflected in today’s statistics.

Honesty and responsible behaviour as demonstrated by these individuals are the best tools that we have to identify and isolate outbreaks as soon as they happen, to prevent further spread to a wider community. As we learn to live with COVID, established practices like quick testing, social distancing and masks will be vital.

The booster vaccination will offer a crucial layer of immunity to the virus in helping to prevent serious illness, hospitalisation and death. As we approach winter and the protection offered by the initial vaccinations begins to wear off, all eligible individuals are strongly encouraged to take up the offer of a booster. Please register your interest here: