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OS 35 Update – Captain of the Port agrees proposal for wreck removal - 875/2022

November 25, 2022

The Captain of the Port has confirmed that, following an exhaustive review of the technical proposals for the removal of the OS 35 and all its contents, the Gibraltar Port Authority GPA has now confirmed to TMC Marine that this technical proposal is agreed in principle.

As set out in the timeline for the entire project presented to the Port Authority by TMC Marine, acting on behalf of the owners and insurers of the OS 35, the tender process launched by TMC Marine concluded on the 21st October. Subsequently, TMC Marine conducted a review of the proposals received and on the 9th November presented the Gibraltar Port Authority with the proposal of their preferred. 

The agreement of the proposal clears the way for TMC Marine to award the contract to their preferred bidder, the Dutch company Koole Contractors, and for the mobilisation of the specialised assets to Gibraltar. Works will then begin on the removal of the wreck and all its contents, in accordance with the Wreck Removal Notice issued by the Gibraltar Port Authority on the 15th September.

The Captain of the Port, John Ghio, said: ‘This critical milestone is an important step in ensuring that the removal of the wreck is completed within the timeframe established by the Gibraltar Port Authority in the Wreck Removal Notice. It also confirms that the methodology and efficiency of the works envisaged are deliverable at the same time as being fully compatible with the strictest measures for the protection of the environment.’