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Minister for Housing, Pat Orfila MP, Holds Productive Meeting with Private Landlords - 183/2024

March 18, 2024

Following up on last Thursday’s Viewpoint, Minister for Housing, Pat Orfila MP, fulfilled her commitment by convening with private landlords Mr. Rodney Perera and Mr. Kailash Khubchand this morning. The meeting centered on various concerns raised by Mr. Perera and Mr. Khubchand, including the examination of existing policies and laws, as well as the identification of current challenges faced by landlords.

Expressing optimism about collaboration, Mr. Perera stated: “I believe we can work well together for the benefit of our community. Among the numerous meetings we’ve had over decades with different administrations, today’s session stands out as the most productive. I eagerly anticipate our continued co-operation, idea exchange, and mutual assistance”.

Similarly, Mr. Khubchand emphasized the significance of direct engagement with the Minister, stating: “This meeting was warmly received, and the Minister’s hands-on approach to addressing the issues faced by private landlords, and to discuss related matters, signifies progress. We anticipate further constructive dialogues and resolutions as the way forward.”

Reflecting on the meeting’s outcome, Minister Pat Orfila remarked: “Today’s discussion was highly productive, and I am committed to trying to resolve issues for the betterment of the community. It is essential to acknowledge and address all perspectives, and I appreciate the opportunity to gain insights from the other side of the coin.”

The Minister and the private landlords concluded the meeting with a shared commitment to ongoing collaboration, fostering a conducive environment for constructive dialogue, and working towards effective solutions that benefit all stakeholders.