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LIVEX Rehearses and Tests Emergency Response Plans for Gasnor LNG Terminal - 767/2023

November 09, 2023

A multi-agency live exercise (LIVEX) this morning practiced the emergency response to an incident at the Gasnor LNG Terminal.

The exercise scenario tested the response to an incident at one of the LNG tanks that provides fuel to power the North Mole Power station, and was coordinated by the Office of Civil Contingencies, with ‘real play’ stakeholder involvement as well as that of representatives of Gasnor and Gibraltar Electricity Authority.

The exercise involved the isolation of the incident, the recovery and treatment of injured personnel and the containment of a fire within the LNG terminal. It provides an important opportunity for emergency services, Government departments and agencies to rehearse and test their contingency plans, and implement any lessons learned.

A debrief was conducted this afternoon at No 6 Convent Place to  begin to gather feedback from the exercise which will be factored in to further revisions of the response plan.

The Civil Contingencies Coordinator, Ivor Lopez, said: "The initial feedback this afternoon confirms the robustness of the safety procedures in place at the LNG Terminal. While it is important to stress that it is very unlikely that Gibraltar will face a scenario similar to the one practised today, it is nonetheless imperative that our emergency services and other first responders are prepared for every eventuality, however unlikely. Accordingly, individual agencies will now review their response plans against today’s exercise scenario and implement any lessons learned."

Minister for Civil Contingencies, Leslie Bruzon, said: "Exercises provide an important opportunity to test and review protocols to ensure best practice and maintain Gibraltar's readiness for any incident that may occur. Thanks to all those involved."