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HMGoG thanks MONEYVAL for support - 145/2024

March 04, 2024

HM Government of Gibraltar has formally written to MONEYVAL’s Chair, Nicola Muccioli, to thank the Council of Europe’s body for their support in assisting Gibraltar, particularly in the delisting from the FATF Grey List.

In a press release issued by MONEYVAL (link below), the body welcomed news of Gibraltar’s delisting and has been supporting the jurisdiction throughout the process.

Minister for Justice, Trade and Industry, the Hon Nigel Feetham, said: “I was heartened by the press release from MONEYVAL and have expressed Gibraltar’s appreciation to both the current Chair, Nicola Mucciolo, as well as the previous Chair, Elżbieta Franków-Jaśkiewicz, both of whom I have met at the FATF Plenaries, for the continued support of MONEYVAL. I have also highlighted the excellent work of Veronika Mets and Lado Lalicic, who also formed part of the original Gibraltar evaluation team, in our interactions with the International Corporation Review Group of the FATF.”

Link to MONEYVAL press release: