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GSD Opposition continue to manipulate Principal Auditor's report - 69/2024

February 07, 2024

The GSD Opposition continue to unscrupulously manipulate the report of the Principal Auditor in order to mislead and confuse public opinion. The plain fact is that all such reports since time immemorial have highlighted issues of value for money and pointed out where savings could be made or where things could have been done differently.

This is not new to the 2016-2018 reports. All reports are written in the same tone and serve the same function. The contents of a value for money audit is precisely what it says on the tin.

The difference is that this time the Opposition have sought to twist the findings for their own political ends.

The Government will therefore continue to defend its political record and the administrative record of the many public and civil servants who can be identified from it. It is important to bear in mind that some of the issues identified have already been debated years ago during meetings of Parliament and outside those meetings. Indeed, there have been two general elections in between where such issues were already given a good airing.

The Government therefore roundly condemns the political posturing of Mr Azopardi and the financial nit-picking of Mr Clinton and the unacceptable manner in which they have attempted to politicise this question.