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Government Response to NASUWT Statement - 531/2020

August 11, 2020

The Government notes the statement by NASUWT about arrangements for the reopening of schools in September.

It is not correct to say that the Government informed the media before it informed the NASUWT.

The relevant announcement about the reopening of schools was actually made by the Minister for Education in Parliament on 8 July 2020:

NASUWT should therefore have known about this on 8 July - before any statement was made or interview given to the media.

It is also incorrect that NASUWT have not had a reply to their letter to the Director of Education. The Director responded on the same day that she received the letter and said that she would revert to them adding “please rest assured that childrens’ and staff health and safety is paramount to us and our guidelines for September will be focused on this”.

The Department of Education is working on a guidance document and this will be shared with NASUWT in exactly the same way that such a document was shared with them before schools reopened on 26 May.