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Gibraltar is ready to welcome visitors: Gibraltarians are the best possible reason to come to Gib! - 366/2021

May 12, 2021

Following the announcement that Gibraltar is one of the countries that the UK has placed on the green list for travel, Gibraltar is now ready to welcome tourists to our wonderful Rock.

The Government considers that the expectation created by the announcement of the UKs traffic light system, and its application to Gibraltar, helps to highlight the importance of tourism to our economy and the opportunities we will enjoy, not only for this summer but for many years to come.

In order to further improve the visitor experience, the Government is therefore already preparing sections to add the website on itineraries for Gibraltar for three, five and seven-day visits.   Plans are also progressing on the organisation of summer events for residents and tourists.

The Minister for Business, Tourism, Transport and the Port, the Hon Vijay Daryanani MP, said: “We cannot underestimate how important this summer will be in setting the scene for the future success of our tourism industry. Being placed on the green list of countries by the UK is extremely important and we must all as a community come together to embrace the opportunities that this offers our economy. I have no doubt that, in true Gibraltarian style, each and every one of us will welcome all visitors to Gibraltar with open arms and ensure that they feel at home.  By doing so, I am sure that the word of mouth reports that will emerge from our visitors will be exclusively positive and will encourage others to visit in future years.  I am also certain that our local tourism, leisure, hospitality and retail industry will rise to the occasion.

“Together we should deliver that legendary Gibraltarian hospitality. We must ensure that we present our best, not only for the summer but for the future too. Our business community is now ready to embrace all these opportunities to prosper. This year we are better connected than ever before to our strongest home market, with airlines services to nine UK destinations and with Gibraltar becoming more of an overnight stay proposition. We will also undoubtedly see Gibraltar retaining its top place among the day trips that visitors to the region enjoy once Spain starts to see a revival of its own tourist industry.  Additionally, we are looking forward to cruise ships visiting Gibraltar once again, with passengers that have been here before enjoying a fabulous welcome and new visitors experiencing the highest standards of customer service.  We will also see new tourist sites coming on stream, such as the new St Michael’s Cave experience and the walking tours of the Northern Defences.  Our unique products, wonderful natural history and heritage will no doubt attract many visitors this year and let’s keep them coming back!”