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GHA to close down Critical Care Unit 2 - 364/2020

May 28, 2020

The Gibraltar Health Authority has taken the operational decision to close the Critical Care Unit 2 (CCU2).

This mirrors the gradual unlocking of Gibraltar as a whole.

CCU2 has served for the intensive care of non-COVID cases over the last few months, while suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19 have used CCU1.

CCU2 will revert to its previous role as a day surgery unit as part of the restart plan.

The facility remains on stand-by in the event that it is required in the weeks and months ahead.

The Minister for Health, the Hon Paul Balban said, "We are really pleased to be able to take this step as we restart and recover from the initial arrival of the COVID pandemic.  We are ready to return to a posture where we go back to day surgery and we understand how important that is too.  Additionally, we will be able to bring back CCU2 at short notice if we were to need to change posture again in the event that it were required to deal with COVID again."