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GHA Raises Alert Status to AMBER on Account of Increase of Positive Cases - 551/2020

August 18, 2020

On the basis of the recent increase of positive cases, and following public health advice, the Gibraltar Health Authority has increased its alert status to AMBER.  

This means that certain protocols within the GHA are triggered to heighten precautions; Amber alert status means heightened awareness and surveillance of staff and screening of patients 14 days before surgery.

Additionally, mask wearing is now mandatory in all clinical areas throughout the GHA. Aprons and gloves are mandatory for all clinical activity.  

A few days ago, a member of the surgical team tested positive for COVID-19.  This member of staff will be in self-isolation at home for the required quarantine period. 

This event has triggered further measures in order to keep the public safe as well as to preserve the integrity of surgical capacity in medical emergencies in Gibraltar; Special measures will be taken during the next 2 weeks.  Essential surgery will continue with the use of enhanced PPE

During this period, joint clinical activity has been called off, surgeons will work independently of each other, surgical juniors have been switched to a shift pattern to ensure 24-hour availability and the surgical team will self-isolate for as much as possible as a precautionary measure.

For the next two weeks, only those elective surgeries that are urgent according to the GHA’s scoring system will go ahead. All elective, non-urgent surgical activity remains under constant review in order to safeguard the delivery of patient care. Patients will be advised accordingly.