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Day 3 of the Gibraltar’s COVID-19 Vaccination Programme - 46/2021

January 12, 2021

Tuesday 12th January saw day three of the COVID-19 vaccination programme in Gibraltar.

The GHA staff from the pharmacy department were, once again, on duty at 04:30 this morning to prepare the vaccine to leave under Royal Gibraltar Police escort to the several different vaccination sites.

Today saw another 1056 vaccinations, which included 303 GHA staff members, 28 GHA In Patients, 17 In Patients at Ocean Views, 84 staff at Elderly Residential Services, 36 Elderly Residential Services residents and 588 over 70s from our community.

With 1056 vaccinations carried out today to our elderly, most vulnerable and frontline workers, the cumulative total since Sunday morning is now 2501 vaccinations.

Minister for Health and Care, the Hon Samantha Sacramento MP said: “2501 vaccinations in 3 days is an amazing accomplishment. I am extremely proud of our excellent staff at the GHA for their hard work and incredible dedication. We should all be grateful to our frontline working staff who are pulling Gibraltar together when it matters most”.