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COVID-19 travel advice for mid-term - 734/2020

October 21, 2020

The Government strongly recommends that anyone who intends to travel outside Gibraltar for mid-term takes extra precautions given the increase in the number of cases of COVID-19.

There is marked increase in the spread of the virus, in hospitalisations and in deaths both in the United Kingdom and in Spain.

It is important that those who choose to travel outside Gibraltar familiarise themselves with the rules and with the law while they are in transit as well as with the position at their destination. This may well be different at a municipal and regional level in both the United Kingdom and in Spain.

In the United Kingdom, there are now local lockdowns in different parts of the country. Wales will have a “firebreak” lockdown as from 6pm (UK time) this Friday for 17 days. Northern Ireland will enter a “circuit-breaker” lockdown period of tighter restrictions for four weeks.

In Spain, there are now over 1700 active cases of COVID-19 in the province of Cadiz next door, sadly with 42 deaths in Andalucia yesterday. There are 395 cases in the Campo area around Gibraltar, including 218 in Algeciras and 42 in La Linea.

The Government urges those who intend to travel to be considerate of the wider community and of our senior citizens in particular, by making an appointment for a COVID-19 screening test on their return. This can be booked by calling 20041818.

The Government reminds everyone to wear masks where required, to maintain social distancing, to wash their hands regularly and to avoid touching eyes, nose or mouth.

It is now more essential than ever to capture every sneeze or cough into a tissue and then bin it and to remember not to shake hands with, hug or kiss anyone outside your household.