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Conditions of catering establishment permits continue to apply over festive season - 902/2020

December 17, 2020

The Government reminds all permit holders that the conditions of the permit to operate a catering establishment will continue to apply at all times including over the festive season.

Permit holders are reminded that they should not host any ticketed or organised events and that no activities are allowed where social distancing may be compromised.

Any type of live music or performance is not permitted. This includes live bands, singers, instrumentalists etc. Background music is allowed, but this must be kept at a reasonable level.

Only eight people are allowed to share a table in a restaurant and gatherings should not exceed sixteen persons.

It is appreciated that Christmas is a time for people to go out and celebrate with friends, family and colleagues. However, strict adherence to permit conditions are essential to provide a safe environment for customers to enjoy their meals and to stop the further spread of COVID-19 in Gibraltar.

As we are all aware the virus still remains within the population and presents a risk to our community, more so for our elderly and vulnerable.

In order to protect Gibraltar, we ask the public to help our caterers and make it easier for them to comply with permit conditions. This can be done by following public health advice and providing caterers with accurate contact tracing information when visiting their establishment.

This information has aided the work carried out by the Contact Tracing Bureau which has been crucial in the fight in suppressing the transmission of the virus.

The best advice this Christmas is to stay at home and to enjoy the festivities within your social bubble.