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Chief Minister travels to UK for Party Conferences and Meetings - 680/2021

September 27, 2021

The Chief Minister travels to London today to host the Gibraltar reception at the Labour Party Conference in Brighton.  Mr Picardo will also hold various other meetings whilst in London. Next week the Chief Minister will attend the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester to host the Gibraltar reception at that event also.  Mr Picardo returns to the Rock this Thursday and will return to United Kingdom for the Manchester events on Sunday.

The Deputy Chief Minster, Hon Dr Joseph Garcia CMG MP, will be acting Chief Minister whilst Mr Picardo is away.

The Chief Minister said: ‘I will be travelling to the United Kingdom today for the first time since last August. It has been thirteen months since I last visited the UK. Before the pandemic I would be travelling to the UK several times a month and sometimes even more than once a week. Although things are not yet back to normal, a glimmer of return to normality is starting to appear.  I am looking forward to attending the party conferences this year and making Gibraltar’s case with the rank and file of the Labour and Conservative parties as we have traditionally done.”