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Cell Saver machine for blood transfusions - 659/2021

September 17, 2021

The GHA announces further progress with the recently acquired Cell Saver machine which has successfully been used during surgery for the first time.

A Cell Saver is a device that replaces the need for suction if blood is lost during surgery. It works by washing the patient’s own blood before preparing it and re-transfusing it back into the patient. This stops the patient’s blood from being wasted and means that they won’t require a transfusion from donated blood.

This process greatly reduces the potential side effects of reactions related to standard blood transfusions. A Cell Saver can be life saving for people and communities who can’t accept transfusions for various reasons. It has the added benefit of reducing the pressure on the blood bank.

The GHA will use the Cell Saver routinely in major surgery and in emergency situations.

The Minister for Health, Samantha Sacramento, said: ‘The GHA’s recent acquisition of a Cell Saver is extremely exciting. Patient safety and wellbeing is always the primary concern. This device greatly reduces the risks involved in blood transfusions and could potentially save lives. Thanks to everyone involved in bringing this to fruition for the benefit of patients.’