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Drug Rehabilitation Services

The Drug Rehabilitation Team aims to provide a comprehensive service to assist those suffering from the consequences of addiction. This effect we provide the following services:

  • A residential 14 bed drug rehabilitation clinic at Bruce's Farm situated in the upper rock.
  • Ongoing support for those completing treatment and their families.
  • Community based treatment for those who are unable for any reason to commit to a residential programme.
  • A dedicated counsellor who provide components of our rehabilitation programme to inmates within HM Prison Windmill Hill.

Bruce's Farm can be contacted on 20048444. We aim to admit all seeking treatment within the shortest possible timescale. Our team will be happy to guide you through the admission process. Part of our team is also based in the City Hall where we also focus on other aspects of drug related work this includes:

  • Prevention
  • Rehabilitation
  • Enforcement
  • Targeted Drugs & Alcohol Awareness Campaigns

To achieve this we work closely with:

  • The Royal Gibraltar Police
  • HM Customs
  • GHA
  • Education Department
  • Youth Service
  • Social Services
  • Groups such as Narcotics Anonymous. Alcoholics Anonymous & Families Anonymous

We also provide drug awareness workshops for a large number of statutory and voluntary agencies and organisations. By effectively tackling these areas, the department seeks to:

  • Diminish the misuse of drugs
  • Minimise the availability of drugs by concentrating our law enforcement effort

Regarding suppliers and distributors to:

  • Increase the focus on confiscating assets from drug trafficking
  • Ensure full collaboration between enforcement and intelligence agencies
  • Help young people understand the consequences of drug consumption
  • Provide young people with opportunities for personal fulfilment
  • Generate public awareness on the risks of drug use through provision of effective information
  • Enhance and improve rehabilitation and after-care services

The co-ordinator works closely with the Minister for Youth and the Drugs Advisory Council. This statutory group comprises members from the following bodies:

  • The Youth Service
  • Care Agency
  • Education Department
  • Gibraltar Health Authority
  • Royal Gibraltar Police
  • Customs
  • Bruce's Farm Rehabilitation Centre

For any information on these services please contact: Head of Drug Services and Probation Drug Rehabilitation Department City Hall, John Mackintosh Square, Gibraltar Tel: 20043692