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Travel Scheme for Eligible Elderly Resident Citizens

This scheme is intended for elderly British citizens from 60-90 years of age solely residing in Gibraltar registered with the GHA and only intended for emergency medical treatment while traveling to Andalucía, Southern Spain. Under this government-administered scheme the Government will reimburse covered medical costs of Eligible Persons within the terms and conditions of the scheme.

Please download, fill in this Registration form (You may need a PDF viewer to fill in the form, click here to download) to register, save to your phone/computer and email it to: This email is a "no reply" email address. 

Eligible citizens over the age of 90 need to apply for approval by filling in this Over 90 Travel Application Form and email it to:  

Please be advised that the over 90 application remains valid for a period of three months from the date of approval. To qualify for reimbursement under this scheme, over 90s must be accompanied by a family member.

In the event of emergency medical treatment please fill in the Notification form, save to your phone/computer and email it to: This email is a "no reply" email address. 

Please download  the terms and conditions of the scheme and take time to read this important document: Travel Scheme Terms and Conditions document.

You can read the Government of Gibraltar press release here.

Even if you haven't registered for the travel scheme, you can still claim reimbursement if you meet all the eligibility criteria. Registration is open indefinitely. You can register at any time if you are eligible.